Special Yoga Class: mudras and bandhas in vinyasa yoga (flow yoga)

Which are the top 5 most important mudras and bandhas according to Krischnamacharya? We will look at the health benefits of mahamudra and viparitakaranimudra and how they can heal disease in your life.

In what way can the bandhas bring ease and flow into your own practice?

This class is in English. Everybody is welcome! No previous yoga experience required, but you will understand deeper if you have some experience in Ashtanga yoga. If everybody understand Swedish this class might be held in Swedish.

Normal pricing: 15€ or 10x card / membership card (90 minute class).

Teacher: Alexander Lemberg

Please register for class: http://www.raseborgsyogaskola.fi/schema/lessons/viewTwoWeeks/07

Warm welcome & namasté,