January practice week

4-8th of January 2023

“The path of kindness and compassion through ahimsa”

The opposite of a violent (himsa) act is an act of kindness from the heart.
Ahimsa (non-violence) is the opposite of Himsa (violence).
Let’s dwell on this matter during the weekend 😄🙏

Mysore, Led Practice and weekend yoga workshop
Teacher: Alex Lemberg


Formansallén 2 B, vån. 3 | Ajurinpuisto 2 B
10600 Ekenäs | 10600 Tammisaari


This time it’s for all of you who are familiar with the practice of aṣṭāṅga yoga – Let’s start January 2023 with a five-day practice week, including a weekend workshop!

Teachers are important

I want to give you the valuable experience of a daily regular yoga practice with a teacher. Join, and start the new year with someone holding you accountable for your lifestyle choices. It’s easier!

There will be Mysore-style classes, Led classes, and Special classes. You can participate in the whole thing, or only in the weekend led class and workshop, or join drop-in when if fits your schedule, but you need to register in advance to secure your spot.

Early-bird offers are active until 11.12.2022


Please note that there are no regular weekly classes in the yoga school during this first week of January, and all active regular class passes are put on hold for this week.

You may however use your 5x, 10x, 14x or 20x class passes as payment for the workshop, by directly using the credit you have used to buy the card.

Example: If you have bought a 10x card for 139€, then 1 slot from the card would equal to 13,90€ as usable credit as payment for this practice week.

If you wish to use your class pass to partly pay for the workshop, please choose the “PDF invoice” option, and let me know in the message box how many slots you wish to consume from your current class pass. The slots will be immediately consumed, and the price on your invoice adjusted accordingly.

Example: If you use 2 slots from your 10x card, you will get 27,80€ deducted from your invoice (13,90€ + 13,90€ = 27,80€).

Monthly class-passes are put on hold during this week, and are not available to use as credit.

Alex Lemberg – Swedish-speaking Finn, father of two and founder of Raseborgs Yogaskola. Passion for yoga practice and philosophy. Teaching yoga since 2014, and certified hatha yoga teacher by the Yoga Alliance since 2015 (E-RYT, YACEP).

The best thing I know is to go away and practice and study yoga with my teachers, with no other distractions. Already after one week of daily regular practice, I start noticing shifts happening in my mind.

Having a teacher to inspire you to practice, and to help keep you accountable is important.

I have been practicing about half of the intermediate series (Nadi Shodhana / second series) with my teachers in Helsingin Astangajoogakoulu, and I hope to start seeing my teacher Juha Javanainen a bit more often soon again.


Join the full week program or drop-in to your favourite classes 🙂



If you have never practiced in a Mysore style self-paced yoga class before, but you want to join the mysore morning practice (Wednesday – Friday), please write me an email to info@raseborgsyogaskola.fi and tell me about your practice, and why you want to learn in this traditional way. You are more than welcome to join 🙂

Wednesday 4th of January
7am – 9am Mysore style practice
(it is possible to start even earlier if needed)

Thursday 5th of January
7am – 9am Mysore style practice

Friday 6th of January
7am – 9am Mysore style practice

WORKSHOP WEEKEND: The path of kindness and compassion: Ahimsa”

The led primary series practice is designed for those who already are familiar with the practice of ashtanga yoga, but you are NOT required to have practiced the whole primary series before this!

Saturday 7th of January

09.00am – 11.00am – Yoga class: Led primary series + extra
11.45am – 13.15am – Special class: The path of kindness and compassion: Ahimsa” part 1. How does kindness and compassion reflect in our physical practice of yoga, and what does Patañjali say about practice, asana, and non-attachment? This class includes chanting of Patañjali’s sutras about the human psyche, chapter 1 and chapter 2, to the script of the vedic chanting style of Krishnamacharya. No previous experience needed.

Sunday 8th of January

09.00am – 11.00am – Yoga class: Led primary series + extra
11.45am – 13.15am – Special class: The path of kindness and compassion: Ahimsa” part 2. We continue from where we left off in part 1. The class includes chanting and maybe other exercises. No previous experience needed.


EARLY-BIRD OFFERS (until 11.12.2022)

Full week program (Mysore & weekend classes): 129€ (norm. 139€)

Weekend workshop only (Sat – Sun): 89€ (norm. 99€)

DROP-IN OPTIONS (regular price)

Mysore 3 days: 54€

Drop-in Mysore practice (1h-2h): 20€
Drop-in Led class (2h): 29€
Drop-in Special class (1,5h): 29€

Saturday only: 55€
Sunday only: 55€