Power Yoga Weekend in Tammisaari

“The Power of Yoga”

Saturday – Sunday 30-31 july 2022

Venue: Excite Gym & Wellness in Tammisaari / Raasepori.
Pehr Sommars gata 12
10600 Ekenäs

This event is perfect for beginners to familiarise with a traditional and a more physically demanding strong flowing yoga practice. Likewise this event is excellent for more advanced practitioners to deepen their understanding of the practice.

Start a strong power yoga practice, or take your practice to the next level. Be prepared to break some sweat 🙂

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You will find more details about the classes further down on the page.

Saturday 30.7.2022

9.00 – 9.50 Ashtanga Magic: Breath, Posture and Gaze
10.00 – 12.00 Ashtanga Power Yoga Class (Guided Primary Series*)
12.00 – 12.45 Break (bring your own snack / refreshments)
12.45 – 14.30 “The Power of Yoga” – Vinyasa Technique, Theory and Philosophy

Sunday 31.7.2022

9.00 – 11.00 Ashtanga Power Yoga Class – Healthy Backbends (Guided 1/2 Primary Series & 1/2 Intermediate)
11.00 – 11.45 Break (bring your own snack / refreshments)
11.45 – 13.30 The Magical Mystery Tools – Bandhas and Hatha Yoga Techniques for wellbeing and longevity.

*) You will get options when needed in the guided classes. Those of you who are already established in the practice, may do your own familiar variations.


115€ – whole event
60€ – one day
29€ – drop-in practice (ashtanga vinyasa power yoga)
35€ – drop-in afternoon special class (“the power of yoga” & “The magical mystery tools”)

All prices include 10% standard Finnish VAT (Hinnoissa on 10% ALV/MOMS).


Pehr Sommars gata 12
10600 Ekenäs

Prasarita padottanasana A – Wide legged forward folding during our Vappu class 😄

Ashtanga Vinyasa Power Yoga

  • Yoga postures, asana, according to traditional practice series, which help you to remember the practice, to see your own progress, and gives a sense of belonging to this old tradition of hatha and ashtanga yoga.
  • The postures are easy in the beginning, and gradually gets more and amore demanding (vinyāsa krama).
  • The postures are combined with breath and movement, vinyāsa. This is how we enter and exit every posture.
  • Internal muscle and energy control, bandhas. Proper action in asana.
  • Practice on an empty stomach (avoid having dinner right before practice).
  • Heating ujjayi breathing, increased metabolism, sweat and inner focus (pratyāhāra). Helps to regulate your nervous system.
  • Gaze and focus, drśhti, gives concentration (dhārana), which you take further into meditation (dhyāna).
  • You learn progressively and develop an independent practice (mysore style) which is tailored to your own body, your needs and life situation.
  • Ashtanga yoga is meant to be practiced individually as a personal practice. During a Mysore-style class, everybody is practicing individually in a group setting, and the teacher helps all students individually. After this course you can go to any ashtanga yoga school and start practice in their Mysore classes.
  • You get a life-long yoga practice to help you grow as a human being.
  • A practice to gain more willpower and self discipline – good for us lazy people 😅
  • Usually the teacher doesn’t say how to feel in the practice. We want you to have your own experience. For the same reason we typically don’t have music in class, because certain music induces certain emotions.

Unique system

Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is unique system of yoga practices where we learn traditional hatha yoga postures, asana, that we interlink into a flow, vinyasa, with our breathing, ujjayi.

We practice a pre-defined series of postures, that you will learn by heart if you practice regularly. Since the postures are always in the same order, you will be able to let go of your thoughts and gain focus and concentration quicker, and you will also be able to see your own progress already from the beginning.

Increased metabolism and sweat

You will get warm very quickly during the practice, so be prepared to get sweaty. Usually these practice increase your digestive power and have a purifying effect on the whole body. Please practice on an empty stomach if possible. Do not have a mig meal right before practice.

Better health and wellbeing is a common side effect of a regular practice. Usually you will see a change in your bodily functions, strength and flexibility already after a few months of practice.

Marichyasana C – Seated spinal twist

Detailed weekend schedule


9.00am – 9.50am Ashtanga Magic: Breath, Posture and Gaze

We will uncover the basic principles of strong and meditative movements needed for our yoga practice to be effective. After this class you will be able to practice the sun salutations (Surya Namaskara) independently, even in your own home.

You are not required to have any previous experience in ashtanga yoga, as long as you join this Magic class (mandatory for beginners).

10.00am – 12.00am Ashtanga Vinyasa Power Yoga – Guided Primary Series

Alex guides you through most (or all) of the postures from the primary series (yoga chikitsa) of ashtanga yoga, and we end with a relaxation. You will get a yoga workout for the whole body: legs, hips, forward folding, twisting, back-bending, arms, balancing, focus, concentration, core, digestive system and a lot more!

Please bring a small hand towel as a prop (might come in handy) and bring your own yoga blocks if you want to use blocks (if you want to use blocks, bring two blocks).

12.45pm – 14.30pm “The Power of Yoga” – Vinyasa Technique, Theory and Philosophy

We will study a couple of sutras from Patañjali Yoga Sutras from chapter 1, and explore how to apply these ideas into our yoga practice. This special class includes lecture, chanting and some physical practice.


9.00 – 11.00 Ashtanga Vinyasa Power Yoga – Healthy Backbends (Guided Primary Series & 1/2 Intermediate)

You will be guided through the whole practice of the primary series (yoga chikitsa), and then we will be exploring the backbends from the second series (nadi shodhana), and a few extra goodies 😉

11.45 – 13.30 The Magical Mystery Tools – Bandhas and Hatha Yoga Techniques for wellbeing and longevity.

We will study a few verses from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika text, and explore some of the techniques described. These are techniques that you usually do not get in any yoga class, but will be immensely helpful for you to deepen your practice, to improve your overall health and bodily functions. Let’s explore the wisdom from the old texts.

Meet your teacher

Alex has been practicing and teaching hatha and vinyasa yoga since 2014, and fell in love with the depth of the ashtanga yoga practice in 2015 with his teachers in Helsingin Astanga Joogakoulu in their summer camp in Houtskari (Petri Räisänen & Juha Javanainen).

“To me it’s important that the practices are taught in a safe, healthy and effective way for each student. As a yoga teacher it is important to understand that all people are different, and certain yoga postures and practices are simply not suitable for everybody.

In my teaching style you will learn to turn your senses inward, you will improve your focus and learn to practice to the rhythm of your own breath. The meditation and concentration makes the practice meaningful, and is a gateway to your inner dimensions.

We start simple, and the more you practice, the more you will learn at your own ideal pace while your body becomes stronger and softer, and your mind becomes more focused.”

This event is perfect for beginners to familiarise with a traditional and a more physically demanding flowing yoga practice. Likewise this event is excellent for more advanced practitioners to deepen their understanding of the practice.

Alex (Alexander) Lemberg – Father of two and founder of Raseborgs Yogaskola in Tammisaari. E-RYT certified hatha yoga teacher since 2015, and certified Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider since 2017.